Steven Madonna

About Steven Madonna

World traveled, internationally recognized attorney and government figure, Steven Madonna of Chatham New Jersey, is known in his photography pursuits as Stefano Madonna Fotografo, a name which reflects the passions and endeavors of a seasoned photographer with more than a half century of experiences within a spectrum of photographic themes. Initiated in his early pre-teen years with 8mm movies and 35mm slides, through an extended period as a confirmed Nikon film photographer, Madonna is now experiencing the fascination of the new digital genre.

His photographic passion brings incredible life, form, color, intimacy and distinction to his collection of sophisticated art. Over the years, throughout his notable profession as a Prosecutor, including street crimes, political corruption, organized crime and ultimately environmental crimes and offenses, Steven has acquainted himself with places of note all over the world and has created an amazing gallery that reflects his personal relationship and great respect for these distinctive landmarks. While he has traveled and photographed many places in the world, his passions lie in Italy, the land of his ancestral roots, the source of his inspiration and drive and the resting place of unrivaled landscapes, antiquities, and the experiences of life.

His tasteful reflections of nature express Steven’s personal passion for the preservation of our environment. The fantasies and dreams of this man have been captured in the numerous prints which have been displayed and featured in various notable establishments throughout New Jersey and are now available to the public. We are excited and proud to present A PHOTO GALLERY OF DISTINCTION! Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us and order at the links above. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you!